Group Land Classes

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Classes are included in the cost of the membership with the exception of Tai Chi. Members and guests must pay a nominal fee for this class.

Below is a description of the classes we offer:

  • SilverSneakers – Exercises are designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and improve activity of daily living skills.  Have fun whole you move to the music.  Designed for ages 65 and older.
  • Young at Heart – Energize your body as you move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase flexibility, muscular strength and balance, along with light cardiovascular conditioning.  Designed for ages 55 and older.
  • X-Bike Group Cycling Class – During the 30 minute X-Bike workout, it allows you to get an awesome full body workout on an indoor bike.
  • Core Training – A 30 minute class designed to condition core muscles and strengthen your abs and back.
  • Step – Includes a warm-up followed by a step segment (a low impact activity which involves stepping up and down on a platform while performing creative choreographic movements to music) followed by a cool-down, flexibility and some core strength training.  Ads and relaxations will end the class
  • Pilates – This class is designed to improve core muscle strength, increase flexibility and improve overall health using mat work
  • Power Sculpt – You will utilize hand held weights, resistance tubing and resist-a-balls for a complete body workout including arms, legs, abs and lower back.
  • Zumba – Burn major calories with this fun non-stop energetic workout.  This class will offer the excitement of moving to the rhythm of Latin, funk, and retro beats.  Even if you’re not a dancer, don’t worry.  The combos will be broken down into basic steps so you can jump right in with both feet.
  • Kick Boxing – Kicks, punches, blocks add up to a high intensity kick boxing class ending with a cool down and stretching.
  • Cardio Dance – Using simple dance steps to create routines that combine fast and slow rhythms for a Cardio Dance workout that will burn calories, tone and sculpt the body while having fun.  No dance experience required!
  • Tai Chi Chuan:  Reduce stress and build self-confidence with this ancient martial arts system of exercise.  The movements are practiced gently and slow motion to improve balance, strength, and flexibility.  Nominal fee for class. Call the YMCA for more information.
  • Line Dancing:  Grab a friend or two, get in line, and step in unison to popular tones and oldies.  Great workout for all ages.
  • Zumbatomics:  A dynamic cardio dance class for kids filled with Latin rhythms, easy to follow moves and a whole lot of fun!  Packed with specially choreographed routines and the latest music, Zumbatomics classes increase mental acuity and self-confidence, boost metabolism and improve coordination.
  • Yoga: this class focuses on breath control, and the adaptation of specific standing poses to improve posture, strength and flexibility.
  • Yoga Stretch: focuses on breath control and improving flexibility and strength. There are no standing postures in this class. All poses are practiced and held on the mat.
  • Circuit: incorporates strength and cardio into one high impact workout. Each workout will target different muscle groups for a full body workout.
  • HIIT: high intensity interval training incorporates strength training with cardio bursts. Blending cardio and strength for maximum benefits.
  • Let’s Dance: join us as we learn a variety of dances including circle, swing, shag and even Texas Two Step. The goal is to keep moving, get your heart rate up and have fun!

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